About GIS

GIS is a professional engineering consultancy providing materials testing services on metal, polymers, composites, etc. Our laboratories offer a range of mechanical, physical and chemical testing methods.

General Industry Surveillance (GIS) is a cladding testing organization in Melbourne, Victoria. GIS has been certified by the Insurance Council of Australia as one of the trusted testing organization nation-wide. ​Please refer to ICA Protocol for combustible façade ( ICA Link ).  GIS is a fully qualified testing laboratory which has demonstrated to the insurance industry that they can accurately classify the different categories of ACP.

Experts and Service

With PhD experts in our team, GIS is one of the leader lab in materials testing and consulting Australia wide. GIS can accurately identify ACP and other cladding to meet the requirements of Government Agencies and Insurance Companies.  We provide testing services in:

  • Testing of Architectural Cladding Materials and Combustibility Risk
  • Materials and Mechanical Failure Analysis
  • Optical Microscopy and Electron Microscopy Testing
  • X-ray Diffraction & Elemental Analysis
  • Failure Analysis and Durability Evaluation

GIS is committed to providing our customers with exceptional technical knowledge and efficient service.

Our Experience

GIS has analyzed more than 500 ACP cladding samples for major public facilities including apartments, hotels and universities.

Partnering with GIS

Bearing the core value of complete independence, transparent and integrity, GIS has been extensively and rapidly accepted in the industry as a reliable testing and inspection service provider. GIS is committed to consistently deliver fast, high-quality and affordable services to our clients. The services on behalf of our clients ensure that systems and products are designed and constructed according to national and international standards. Partnering with GIS offers you the greatest freedom to concentrate on the growth of your core operations and enterprise.