Geomembrane and Geosynthetic Testing

Geomembrane and Geosynthetic Testing

GIS Pty Ltd is a NATA accredited laboratory for geosynthetic materials testing.


Geomembranes tested

Our staff has many years of experience testing and designing with geosynthetic materials. We’ve provided these services in support of many construction projects across Australia, including landfill, solid waste treatment, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, roadways, and lagoons.
We perform conformance and performance testing on many geosynthetics materials including:
• Geomembrane
• Geotextile
• Geosynthetic Clay Liner
• Geonet
• Geogrid
GIS lab offers a full range of geomembrane testing services, including HDPE weld testing. The geomembrane test services we can complete for you are listed in the table below.

Table of geomembranes test standards

Item No. Type of Test and Properties Measured Test Standard
1 Weld Seam Strength (5 Shear & 5 Peel Tests) ASTM D6392
2 Thickness (Incl. Min) – Smooth ASTM D5199
3 Thickness (Incl. Min) – Textured ASTM D5994
4 Asperity Height ASTM D7466
5 Density ASTM D792
6 Melt Flow Rate ASTM D1238
7 Tensile Properties (MD & TD) ASTM D6693
8 2% Modulus ASTM D5323
9 Stress Crack Resistance (500 hrs) ASTM D5397
10 Tear Resistance (MD and TD) ASTM D1004
11 Puncture Resistance ASTM D4833
12 Carbon Black Content ASTM D4218
13 Carbon Black Dispersion ASTM D5596
14 Standard Oxidative Induction Time (OIT ≤ 200 mins) ASTM D3895
15 High Pressure Oxidative Induction Time (HP-OIT ≤ 400 mins) ASTM D5885
16 Oven Ageing 90 Days at 85°C ASTM D5721
17 UV Exposure 1600 hrs ASTM D7238
18 Bituminous Geomembrane Seam Shear Test ASTM D7056

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