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Cladding Testing

In 2019, GIS lab was certified by the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) in sampling, testing and report on combustible…

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Geosynthetic Testing

Our staff has many years of experience testing and designing with geosynthetic materials. We’ve provided…

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Polymer Testing

We are accredited to perform polymer and plastic testing in accordance with ASTM, ISO, AS and other recognized testing…

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Failure Analysis

GIS determines root cause and solution for polymer and plastic materials failure analysis…

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Elastomer and Rubber Testing

GIS performs physical elastomer testing and rubber according to ASTM standards…

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Coating Analysis

A variety of materials are coated with enamels, paints, or metallic layers for many reasons such as…

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Accelerated Weathering Testing

Accelerated weathering testing simulates the long-term effects of common outdoor conditions

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Composite Testing

GIS provide accurate and fast testing services for composites and related materials. We support customers…

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Bruker AXS D4 Endeavor XRD

Mineral and Phase Analysis

Mineralogical analysis is the study of materials to determine mineral composition and mineral structure…

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